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What is Chinatown Ghostline?


Chinatown Ghostline: (587) 880-4675


Have a tip about a ghost in Calgary Chinatown? 

Heard a story from a friend of a friend of a friend’s grandpa who alluded to some hauntly experience? 

Call the Chinatown Ghostline!


Artists Annie Wong and Teresa Tam are in search of a haunted history of Chinatown. We are collecting stories, tips, and improbable tales of sightings of the seemingly supernatural, spaces that feel strange, brushes with the otherworldly, or unexplained feelings that lingers in one’s body. The collection of stories will be part of a podcast for Annie and Teresa’s Calgary Chinatown Artist Residency. 


How to use the Ghostline:

  • Call (587) 880-4675
  • Leave a message with your story: 
  • Describe what the site looks and feels like; if known, tell us its history of unfortunate events and what it currently is used for now; and explain the best you can, the supernatural experience/sighting.       


To learn more about the residency, visit:

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